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Již tradičně se nám přihlásil čtenář Happy24 se svým anglickým reportem z koncertu v Amsterdamu. Je pátek, tak buďte happy!:)

Here is my report from the two Amsterdam concerts. I am quite late and it is probably impossible to write anything that hasn't been written many times before, but I feel like I need to write it all down for myself. I wanted to write a short review of the two gigs, but it turned out a bit differently :-) So if you don't want to read things you probably read or maybe even wrote yourself before, don't bother and skip down to the photos - I put links to the flickr bellow the review.

Okay, let's get started. I have to start with the Friday evening, when the half secret video shoot took place. I arrived in Amsterdam on Friday at 2.25 pm. When U2 landed one hour later, I was still at the airport, which felt like a nice coincidence. I have registered for the video shoot happening, but didn't get the invitation. It didn't bother me at first, since the first info said it would start at 3 pm, but then, when I got to know it would start at 5.15 and where it would take place, I just kept on thinking about whether I should or should not go there even without the invitation. In the end I decided not to and went downtown, which made me think about it even more - the weather was bad, which made even such a beautiful city look gloomy and it had no atmosphere at all this time. I thought I might just as well had gone to the studios, since I didn't enjoy the downtown walk at all. So I am walking along Amstel, passing the opera house, these thought spinning in my head. Suddenly I am lying on the pavement and my leg hurts like hell. I don't recall any falling down and I am slowly picking myself up. There are people staring at me, obviously thinking I am drunk or something. I say I am okay, turn my head and realize I have overlooked a sign "STOP" in the middle of a pavement sticking half a meter up from the pavement. I had to laugh - yeah, I should really better stop before something worse happens - it somehow calmed me down - even though I bared my leg and got a big bruise, I was really lucky I didn't break it.

If I understand it correctly now, the actual video shoot didn't start until 9 pm and people were actually queuing there since 5.15. I am sure it must have been a blast, but looking back now, I was really exhausted and having those two concerts with long queuing ahead, I think it all actually happened the way it should.

I stayed in a hotel 5 minutes of walk from the ArenA, so later that the evening I went there to check the queue, which I knew started the previous day - 2,5 days before the concert! There were people sleeping in tents on the pavement (it was currently about 16 degrees and raining) and I was told that 230 people were in the queue so far, coming for the calls every 3 hours. As much as I love to be up in the front, I wasn't able to persuade myself to take part in this...I am too old for this...stuff. Well, I was surprised that most of the people in the tents were ladies older than me. Anyway, I had a plan to visit the Rembrandt house downtown the next morning and then join the queue, come what may.

The next morning the weather was even noticeably worse and I was actually in no mood for the gig. But when you are 1,5 an hour of flight from home, you just do what you planned to do. I went to see the Rembrandt house, which was excellent and the weather got somehow better. I had an early lunch and went to the queue. There were a lot of people, but it was not quite as bad as I expected. When we were let into the stadium, where I got at about 5.15, I actually got a very nice spot, which got way better as we all stood up at about 6.30 and moved towards the stage - I ended up in some 10th row, facing the Adam's spot on the main stage, a better place than I have actually hoped for. I was used to be in the 2nd or 3rd row on the I+E tour, but here, at a football stadium and with all the madness with the queue, I was just happy and now I was finally in the proper mood.

Noel Gallagher started to play at 7. I have never seen him before and even though I have only a general knowledge of the main Oasis hits and don't know any of his solo stuff, I was curious and looking forward to seeing him. Support bands are usually something one has to struggle through and survive and so Noel's band was one of the absolutely best support acts I have ever seen, but it really did feel as a support act and not as a gig of a rather big star. I guess that if you get up on such a huge stage without actually using it (okay, the screen on the right side was used, but still..) with only very basic lightning, it must feel that way. But they played very well, Noel sung great and I enjoyed the songs. So it was absolutely fine, but I can imagine that seeing a proper gig on a proper stage with proper lightning must be even better.

Most importantly - the sound was really good. Being first time in the ArenA and having read all those negative reviews, all agreeing on the ArenA having the worst acoustics in Europe, I was a bit worried, even though I knew about the acoustic adjustments that were adopted for gigs. I don't know how was the sound further back and on the stands (I read it was still really bad), but in front of the stage it was as good as one can get in a football stadium. And it was loooud! I was perfectly happy with it.

On with the show. One hour after Noel, at 9 p.m. U2 hit the stage. Since the first 4 songs are played on the B-stage, one doesn't get to see much from the place where I was, since one sees the band from behind and the B-stage is quite low, so it is difficult to see anything at all. But it is just time to jump up and down during Sunday Bloody Sunday and Pride, to enjoy New Year's Day and Bad (I have only heard Bad once before live, so this one was magical) and to wait for the band to move to the main stage, for the show to start properly :-) That happens really soon and we get the full Joshua Tree album. Now, it is impossible to write something new about it, so I guess I will just repeat what was said and written many times bore. One word - amazing. The live presentation of this 30 year old album is just amazing. It is such a consistent peace of music that holds together so well and the band does it a great justice 30 years after they recorded it. The songs from the first side have been played on most of the shows during the past 30 years, those are the "greatest hits," but hearing them in sequence and with those totally amazing Anton Corbijn's films on that huge and absolutely fabulous screen is something that makes you forget you have heard Streets, I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For and With or Without You thousand times before, and you are just happy that you are at that precise place at that precise moment. Then comes the second side with all the "gems." Red Hill Mining Town - never played live before this tour, the most anxiously anticipated song - I though it was great, I loved Bono's vocals and even though I agree that it is somehow too clean and I would love The Edge to play guitar rather than keyboard, I enjoyed it a lot. Exit - probably the song all people love the most on this tour. I admit (don't throw stones at me) that I never cared much for this track on the album, but it is amazing live and it was definitely one of the absolute highlights of the show. In God's country - that was the song that caught my ear most when I first bought the album 20 years ago. I never thought I would hear it live. Beautiful. Mothers Of Disappeared - Edge's guitar work, the stunning screen background, Bono's haunting vocals. Just...wow.

The band leaves the stage and comes back for the encores - well, 7 songs, so pretty much the last third of the show. They start with Miss Sarajevo and continue with Beautiful Day. One fan I talked to said he found it strange to play those two songs back to back - to play Miss Sarajevo with this heavy mood and message and then just kick into the party mode. Well, yeah, Miss Sarajevo comes before Beautiful Day, but it also comes after Mothers of Disappeared. There is the break of course, after MOD finishes, since it is the end of the Joshua Tree, but I think that it is more like with MS they say: "Okay, here is one more thing we need to get off our chest before the party starts." I think that the MOD - MS combo is really great and I disagree with all those who wrote, that Miss Sarajevo didn't work on this tour. It does. It does big time.

After Miss Sarajevo until the end of the show it is one big party. It starts with the Beautiful Day - Elevation - Vertigo sequence. Three songs that have been played to death, three songs most fans (including me) would agree that need to be put to rest at least for a while. I would not believe how those three songs would actually work on this tour. They all somehow got new energy. Beautiful Day in a new arrangement sounds great. The fans-organized balloons on the first night we beautiful and it obviously touched Bono. Elevation - everybody jumps. The Edge smiles and jumps - priceless. Vertigo - such energy, I guess the Vertigo Tour-like visuals play a big part in that.

In the end comes the Achtung Baby sequence - Mysterious Ways - Ultraviolet - One. The Edge finally plays the Mysterious Ways solo after 20 years! While the PopMart version still remains my favorite, this present one comes close second. As much as I love this song (the guitar part is absolutely out of this world), I thought it somehow didn't work on the I+E tour. It was such a pleasure to see this amazing version now. The first night closes with One. Again, one of my all-time-favorites. And again, the I+E stripped-down version mostly sung by crowd didn't do much for me, so it was nice to hear this "proper" version, which works perfectly even without Bono playing a guitar. And yeah, with the Hear Us Coming snippet!

So after the magnificent first show I felt like the second one would be a great bonus any way it would turn out. I kind of expected the queue for the second show not to be that crazy (though is started right after the first one ended, or was it even before?), but when I came to the stadium the next day at 3 p.m., I was really taken aback by how relatively few people were there. It was soooo easy. I went straight into the fence barrier, sat down and waited. Once inside the stadium I got a great spot of course, which again improved substantially once we got up - 4th row facing The Edge at the main stage - that's the dream :-)

The show itself was very similar to the first one in all aspects - setlist-wise, the performance, the atmosphere, I can't really say which one I enjoyed more, I really loved both. The setlist changes were scarce and predictable - we got A Sort Of Homecoming instead of Bad - the first and probably the last time I have heard this song live, so I was more than glad, since it really is one of my all-time-favorites, and while it is not as well known and so not such a crowd pleaser as Bad, it was fabulous. Of course, the price one has to pay is not having Bad in the setlist. Anyway, during the encores we didn't get Mysterious Ways, which is a pity, since I would have loved to hear it again, but then it was somehow given that there would be another song after One. I hoped for The Little Things, but when I saw Dallas bringing The Edge the Explorer, it was obvious that they would end with I Will Follow. I must admit, it was a little bit of a let down, since as much as IWF is a great song, I have heard it on several shows and felt like The Little Things would be way more special. Well, that was how I felt before the band kicked into the song. They stayed on the main stage and the whole place went totally nuts. The atmosphere was amazing during the whole show with the crowd singing and dancing all night, but with the first notes it shifted two gears up. The whole stadium was jumping, I can't recall whether I have ever witnessed a stronger crowd reaction. It was a magical ending really.

I stayed in Amsterdam the next day - went to the Anne Frank house, which was fantastic, I have stayed there for 3 hours, then walked around the town and in the afternoon I went to the Van Gogh museum, which was great as always (my 4th visit). When I went to the museum, I got off at the Weesperplein underground station, which is pretty much right next to the Amstel Intercontinental, where U2 had stayed. I passed it 3 or 4 times during the weekend, always stopped for 5-10 minutes. I didn't feel like waiting for hours for the band, I thought that if it was meant to be, then 5 minutes must be enough :-). Well, it was not meant to be. I thought the band left on Sunday after the concert, so this time I was surprised there were about 20 people outside the hotel. I went there and was told that they got a glimpse of The Edge just a while ago. It was half past three and I was about half an hour early for the Van Gogh Museum, so I decided to spend that time there, being sure, that there must be a reason why I set so early on my way to the museum. But again...it was not meant to be :-) Later somebody posted that The Edge was seen outside the Anne Frank house between 4 and 5 pm...

So during those 4 days I finally didn't get to meet anybody from the band (unlike Marcello - a Brazilian fan I stayed with in the hotel - who got his T-shirt signed by Bono and Adam and during the second show Bono gave him the harmonica he played on Trip) . True, I didn't put much effort to it, but... they landed before I left the airport, I was downtown when they did the video shoot, I passed their hotel several times (yeah, I would have to be really lucky if that happened without my waiting), I have visited the Anne Frank house before The Edge. Nevertheless I had a splendid time in Amsterdam and those two concerts...just WOOOWWW!

My pictures from the first night - 2017-07-29:

My pictures from the second night - 2017-07-30:

Dave Fanning: "Nové album jsem si poslechl..."

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A je to tady! Nejinformovanější z informovaných, blízký přítel U2, moderátor Dave Fanning už slyšel nový materiál z nového alba Songs Of Experience! No a se svými postřehy se svěřil The Irish Sun (KLIK): "Nový materiál skupiny U2 mě vždycky nadchne, je super slyšet něco nového od skupiny kterou milujete. Album výjde ještě tento rok. Slyšel jsem ho u Bona doma. Není odlišné od Songs of ­Innocence nebo The Joshua Tree. Písně, které jsem slyšel jsou velice osobní, kdy Bono zpívá o době poté, co opustil Cedarwood Road. Líbí se mi, jak U2 seriozně přistupují ke své nové tvorbě."

Dave, který již tradičně pouští singl z jakéhokoliv nového alba U2 jako uplně první člověk na planetě, zhodnotil i údajný singl You're The Best Thing About Me (o písničce více na U2czech.blog.cz z minulého roku KLIK) - "má suprový zvuk, mnohem lehčí, než cokoliv na albu Songs of Innocence. je to perfektní singl." Je třeba říci, že remix zmíněné písničky se objevil na youtube minulý rok, co jej zahrál norský DJ Kygo. U2 se potom obrátili na tradičního "mixéra" Steve Lillywhite (viz článek na U2czech.blog.cz z minulého roku - KLIK).

Dave zmínil i další písničky na údajném albu:
  • "You're The Best Thing About Me"
  • "The Little Things That Give You Away"
  • "Much More Better"
  • "The Showman"
  • "Summer Of Love"

Bono a The Edge tráví dovolenou pracovně?

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Zajímavá fotografie se objevila na facebooku skupiny U2. Bono a The Edge na ní pracují / komponují ve studiu. Když si všimnete, tak:
a) v levém rohu na zemi je papír / obálka, na které je napsané #ConserveLife; - pravděpodobně odkaz na the white feather foundation, pečující o čistou vodu v Africe (podobný papír držel Bono v rukách 10. dubna, kdy ho při tom vyblejskk Sean Lennon);
b) v levém rohu je takové zajímavé rádio (My first Sony) - KLIK. Je na něm už SOE?


SOE: Album v prosinci a singl v září?

14. srpna 2017 v 21:46 | goldschmidchen |  Novinky
Zdá se, že se pomalinku polehoučku probíráme z letní okurkové sezóny. Web U2songs.com (KLIK) přinesl zajímavou novinku o tom, že nové album Songs Of Experience spatří světlo světa 1. prosince 2017 a první singl 8. září 2017 (údajně to má být nakonec "You're the Best Thing About Me")! Podle fanouškovského webu jde o zaručené info opírající se o dobře informovaného insidera. První info o možných názvech prvního singlu z nového alba jste si na U2czech.blog.cz mohli přečíst už dříve (KLIK).

Datum vydání nového materiálu 1. prosince 2017 nebylo vybráno náhodně. Jde o celosvětový den boje proti smrtelné pohlavní nemoci AIDS a je možné, že album bude vydáno i ve speciální edici věnované tomuto dni.

Na albu by se měly objevit následující písničky, které byly potvrzeny i členy skupiny:
  • "You're the Best Thing About Me"
  • "The Black Out"
  • "American Soul"
  • "The Lights of Home"
  • "Red Flag Day"
  • "The Little Things That Give You Away"
A další aspiranti jsou tito:
  • "The Showman" (píseň zmíněná v časopise MOJO Magazine v únoru 2017: "The showman gives you front row to his heart, The shaman prays that his heartache will chart."
  • "Tightrope" (píseň zmíněná v Entertainment Weekly, říjen 2015: "It's very epic. It's very up. And, you know, that's probably what the experience has taught us: to be fully in the moment and that fun is respected, and joy is not to be let go of."
  • "Landlady" (píseň zmíněná v Q Magazine, únor 2016)
  • "Much More Better" (píseň zmíněná v Q Magazine, únor 2016: "deeply personal acoustic demo about Bono's recovery from his bike accident."
  • "Summer of Love"(píseň zmíněná v MOJO Magazine, únor 2017: "achingly beautiful and empty. It could be a big song and it's tiny. These are real tunes."
  • "Get Out of Your Own Way" (píseň zmíněná v Q Magazine, únor 2016 a v Globe and Mail v květnu 2015: "They were talking about getting of your own way, not to fight with yourself, in striving to perform at the top of your game.")
  • "Civilisation" (píseň zmíněná v Q Magazine, únor 2016: "sounded like a surefire album opener. Bono described Larry Mullen's colossal drum roll in the middle of the song as 'my favorite bit on a U2 album in years."
  • "The Morning After Innocence" (píseň zmíněná v BBC Radio 16 října 2014: "You never could write so well or do anything you were told on 10 Cedarwood Road, I'm your older self, the song of experience, I've come to ask for some help from your song of innocence."
  • "Instrument Flying" (píseň zmíněná v Q Magazine, únor 2016: "had a sleek, motorik quality."
  • "Love is All We Have Left" (krátký klip unikl na internet v září 2016 - KLIK
Nezapomínejte, že se jedná o nepotvrzené info z oficiálních zdrojů! Berte to s rezervou.

U2 v Praze na Strahově: 20 let

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Je to neuvěřitelné, ale už je to už 20 let od koncertu U2 na pražském Strahově 14.8.2017. Vzpomínáme!

The Joshua Tree Tour 2017: Řím I. v HD kvalitě!!

10. srpna 2017 v 20:03 | goldschmidchen |  Novinky

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. New Year's Day
3. Bad with Heroes outro
4. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
5. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (Snippet)
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
7. With Or Without You
8. Bullet The Blue Sky / America (Snippet)
9. Running To Stand Still
10. Red Hill Mining Town
11. In God's Country
12. Trip Through Your Wires
13. One Tree Hill
14. Exit / Wise Blood (Snippet) / Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (Snippet)
15. Mothers Of The Disappeared
16. Miss Sarajevo
17. Beautiful Day / Miserere (Snippet)
18. Elevation
19. Vertigo / Rebel Rebel (Snippet)
20. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
21. One / Hear Us Coming (Snippet)
22. The Little Things That Give You Away

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